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MNCN.Online is now online! (MNCN) is the first Masternode analytic & statistic data website for China. Due to language barrier, many Chinese Cryptocurrency investors are not familiar with the concept of Masternode Coins, MNCN aim to provide detail information of different Masternode Coins for all the Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts in the Chinese community.

“Our main focus is the Chinese community, but we also welcome all Masternode Enthusiasts from around the world”


All the statistic data on MNCN are fetching directly from the Masternode blockchain network, and prices are from different Cryptocurrency exchange websites. (Most Exchange websites restrict the price request interval, the price update will have small delay)

What is Masternode

Masternode (MN) is a complete node of a specific Cryptocurrency blockchain. Hosting a MN is very similar to cryptocurrency mining, except it much faster and do not require a physical mining machine. Different Cryptocurrencies have different reward design for MN owners , and you will get reward for hosting the MN. MN is needed to stabilize the crypto network, so it’s a great investment choice.

MNCN Beta test

Our Alpha test is over now, MNCN now enter the public beta test. The statistic data has been running for quite some time now, everything seems to be stable. We didn’t hand pick the MN coins, please do your own research of that coin and invest at your own risk.

“MNCN only provides statistic information, we do not recommend any coin!”

If you found any bug from the website, or have better suggestions, please Email us! Thank you very much!

Recommend using Vultr or Linode servers to Run Masternode!